Sunday, June 21, 2009

La voz del agua


Todo el día mi alma hoy estará suspensa
de la voz del agua,
como en un sueño

¡La voz del agua
dulcemente cierra el mundo!

Todo el día seré un niño
que se está durmiendo.

La vida será solo
una voz querida.

Juan L. Ortiz


Anthony Dubovsky said...


all day long today my spirit will be enchanted
by the voice of the water
as in a dream

the voice of the water
sweetly encloses the world

all day long I shall be a young boy
who is sleeping

Life will be only
a beloved voice

Juan L. Ortiz

Anonymous said...

The skelton of a dream it seems is being made by a man near a dam. The ribs of the ship angle out, the planks applied will make the frame, the light will dance within the grain and one day the ship will remain, its beauty for others to gain a momment of laughter hearing the rain dance on the sails.