Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Es que creo que solamente con fanáticos triunfan los ideales, con fanáticos que piensan y que tengan la valentía de hablar en cualquier momento y en cualquier circunstancia que se presente, porque el ideal vale más que la vida, y mientras no se ha dado todo por un ideal, no se ha dado nada.

Eva Perón

(It is that I believe that only with fanatics do ideals triumph, with fanatics who think and who have the valor to speak out at any moment and under any circumstance, for the ideal is worth more than life itself, and unless you have given all for an ideal, then you have given nothing.)

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Anonymous said...

leaving nothing behind to regret I stand looking forward to a higher calling that bows me down to a crumbled man, bent with age, seeking no demands but to hear the lap from a distant shore, where shipmasts hang loose to sail no more to distant lands selling, buying, chasing dying. But to that land promised long ago..to men that stand...leaving nothing behind to regret....